Are you a researcher, teacher, or student in the field of Learning Sciences?

Would you like to shape the international field of the Learning Sciences by creating computer-supported collaborative learning experiences for Learning Sciences students from all over the world?

Is it important for you to give people with diverse backgrounds equal access to learning experiences?

If you answered the three questions above with “yes”, then this workshop might be the right thing for you.

The NAPLeS initiative within the International Society of the Learning Sciences has already created and collected a great amount of learning resources that involve more than 50 webinars and their recordings, syllabi collections and more than 100 video recordings and interviews with influential learning scientists. Now it is time to look back and reflect upon what has already been achieved and how well the learning resources are already incorporated into teaching the Learning Sciences in the various Learning Sciences programs that are members of NAPLeS. It is also time to take a CSCL perspective on these resources and think about how learning resources could look like for diverse learners all over the world by implementing computer-supported collaborative learning. There is a great amount of expertise in the CSCL community that could be combined to create new and cutting edge learning experiences. These learning experiences would not only serve as tools for learning the Learning Sciences in an international context, they could also be blueprints for learning experiences in other fields and serve as a terrain in which to conduct Learning Sciences research.

Aims of the workshop

The goals of this workshop are:

  • Reflecting on already existing learning resources for the Learning Sciences, especially those that are created and collected by the NAPLeS initiative
  • Thinking and discussion about cutting edge CSCL learning experiences that may be used for teaching and learning in the Learning Sciences
  • Forming task forces with people from the CSCL community who would like to work on creating, delivering, or research of CSCL learning experiences for the Learning Sciences context

How you can apply for the workshop

We invite all Learning Sciences and CSCL researchers, teachers, and students on each level of expertise and with different backgrounds to apply for the workshop. During the workshop, we would like to emphasize the exchange of people with diverse backgrounds.

To apply for the workshop, please send a short application letter, including your name, your institution your study background and highest degree, your field of expertise within the learning sciences, and ho your research/teaching is connected to CSCL. Also, please write a short paragraph about how you would like to contribute to the three goals of the workshop. If you need more background information about the NAPLeS initiative or the Learning Sciences community, please visit the web pages: and

The deadline for your application is April 28, 2017.

To submit your application or if you have any questions, please contact

The workshop organizers:

Freydis Vogel, Frank Fischer, Yotam Hod, Kris Lund, Daniel Sommerhoff