The Mid-Career Workshop focuses on issues that become relevant for researchers approximately 10 years after the doctorate, during the tenure seeking process, or right after obtaining tenure. Mid-career participants are welcomed from academia, museums, NGOs, and in R&D positions in the private sector.


The workshop will run for one day during the pre-conference events on June 18. Activities will mainly center around issues that fellows would like to discuss, either to ask for advice or to share solutions. They may include strategies for managing a large research team, risk-taking in research themes, prioritizing time for research and service (what changes after tenure?), who to ask for tenure letter-writing, how to write a tenure recommendation letter, etc.

A detailed schedule will be published before the event.


The Mid-Career Workshop is designed for mid-career researchers in CSCL and the learning sciences. Applicants will have had their doctorate for approximately ten years and/or if they work in the United States, are currently negotiating tenure or have recently been awarded tenure. If they work in Europe or Asia, there are other indicators of having reached mid-career, such as promotions to the next level of position.

Application Process

Applicants should submit one document that includes the following five sections:

  • A cover sheet with your name, institution, email address, phone and fax numbers, and postal address.
  • A 2-page summary (using conference formatting) of your research, including theoretical framework, methods you are using, and how these have developed throughout your career.
  • A half-page statement describing how the Mid-Career Workshop can be of help to you. You may add an additional half page noting topics of panels or mini-classes that you would find useful.
  • A 1-page narrative description of your current position including the type of institution that you work in, and your responsibilities (e.g., teaching, research, mentoring, and committee work).
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • Participation is limited and competitive. Selection criteria include eligibility requirements, scientific quality of the proposal, the potential benefit of participating to the candidate, and the assembly of a productive and diverse cohort.

All the materials should be put in one file (MS Word, RTF, or PDF) and submitted via the online submission system. The 1200 word summary proposal, after it has been accepted, will be disseminated for sharing and interaction with other participants in preparation for the Workshop.

Submission and deadline

The application process will close February 28. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review process mid to late March.