The workshops below are now accepting applications for participation. Please follow the links for more information about each session and how to apply to participate.

Applications should be sent to the organizers by April 28, 2017.

Sunday, June 18: Full Day Workshops & Tutorials

Digitally-Mediated Design Thinking in CSCL Environments

Mobile Computing in CSCL: A Hands-On Tutorial on the ARIS Game Design Platform

Synthesizing CSCL Perspectives on the Theory, Methods, Design, and Implementation of Future Learning Spaces

Tools for Understanding Embodied Cognition in Integrated STEM Learning

Monday, June 19: Half Day Workshops

Emergent Practices and Material Conditions in Tablet-mediated Collaborative Learning and Teaching

EPCAL: Computer-supported Collaboration at Scale

Establishing a Foundation for Collaborative Process Evaluation and Adaptive Support in CSCL

Publishing in the Learning Sciences: A Journal Writers’ Workshop

Reflections and Discussions about NAPLeS Learning Resources for the Learning Sciences

The following workshops have been canceled:

Big Data and CSCL: Use and Analysis of Big Data in CSCL
Emotions in Educational Controversial E-Discussions: Learning Goals and Methodologies
New Forms of Technological Support for Knowledge-Building Communities