We are excited to invite you to join us on Sunday, June, 18 at CSCL 2017 for a full day, pre-conference workshop: Future Learning Spaces: Synthesizing Perspectives from Computer Supported Collaborative Learning. The goal of the workshop is to advance conceptualizations of and research in Future Learning Spaces. It is part of a broader international effort, to energize and cross-fertilize what is currently a fragmented albeit exciting area of research.

We warmly invite researchers and practitioners in all domains who are actively researching, are interested in researching, or want to learn more about innovations in the theory and design of Future Learning Spaces. This includes physical, online, and hybrid spaces; as well as those in formal and informal settings, across all age groups. Specifically, we invite researchers interested in any one (or more) of the following FLS research themes:

Theme 1: Foundations and learning in FLSs

How do we conceptualize key FLS constructs like future, learning, and space? What theoretical or conceptual frameworks do we have to think about Future Learning Spaces?

Theme 2: Methods

What methods can be used to investigate FLSs? What can different methods tell us, and what are the limitations of each method? What are the vital challenges when we look across these methods?

Theme 3: Design

What counts as an FLS? What are the different elements of design that characterise  FLSs, and how can we understand the relations between these elements and valued learning activities? How can we identify reusable elements of FLS design and share them with others?

Theme 4: Implementation

What existing frameworks help us to think about implementing local FLSs? What do we know about how to scale-up FLSs? What is unique about research-practice partnerships for FLSs, when compared with other domains, such as educational technologies? How can we foster equality regarding access to FLSs?

The workshop is open to key contributors and active participants.

Key contributors are those who actively research FLSs in various forms. Key contributors will be asked to participate in an online preparatory meeting in May 2017. Active participants are those with limited or no experience in FLSs, and are joining us to learn. On the day of the workshop, active participants will be expected to engage in the day’s activities and contribute to the collective knowledge of the group.
To apply for this workshop, please visit this online form. Please note there are different requirements based on the participation mode you choose:

  • Key contributors are asked to (1) select which theme their research relates to and (2) provide a description of their research.
  • Active participants are asked to submit a statement of interest.

Acceptances will be notified by April 28, 2017. Pending acceptance, you can register through the CSCL conference site (early registration begins on April 10, 2017).
If you have any questions, please contact us at yhod@edu.haifa.ac.il

Very excited to see you in Philadelphia,

Co-organizers: Julia Eberle, Yotam Hod

Organizing committee: Maya Benichou, Elizabeth Charles, Ulrike Cress, Frank Fischer, Peter Goodyear, Yael Kali, Ingo Kollar, Jim Slotta, Kate Thompson, Phil Tjietjen, and Pippa Yeoman