June 20 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Awareness and regulation in CSCL

GroupWork: Learning During Collaborative Assessment Activities
William T. Tarimo, Timothy J. Hickey

Analyzing Students’ Collaborative Regulation Behaviors in a Classroom-Integrated Open Ended Learning Environment
Mona Emara, Michael Tscholl, Yi Dong, Gautam Biswas

Which visualization guides learners best? Impact of available partner- and content-related information on collaborative learning
Melanie Erkens, Daniel Bodemer

Technology-Mediated Teacher Noticing: A Goal for Classroom Practice, Tool Design, and Professional Development
Janet Walkoe, Michelle Wilkerson, Andrew Elby

Unpacking important processes to inform intelligent systems

Expressing and Addressing Uncertainty: A Study of Collaborative Problem-Solving Dialogues
Fernando J. Rodríguez, Kimberly Michelle Price, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer

The Impact of Peer Tutors’ Use of Indirect Feedback and Instructions
Michael Madaio, Justine Cassell, Amy Ogan

Learning Alone or Together? A Combination Can Be Best!
Jennifer Olsen, Nikol Rummel, Vincent Aleven

Articulating Uncertainty Attribution as Part of Critical Epistemic Practice of Scientific Argumentation
Hee-Sun Lee, Amy Pallant, Sarah Pryputniewicz, Trudi Lord, Ou Liu

Redefining practice and learning in informal spaces

Showing and Telling: Response Dynamics in an Online Community of Makers
Omaima Almatrafi, Aditya Johri

Symbiotic learning partnerships in youth action sports
Ty Hollett

Reflections on Pair E-Crafting: High School Students’ Approaches to Collaboration in Electronic Textiles Projects
Breanne K. Litts, Debora A. Lui, Sari A. Widman, Justice T. Walker, Yasmin B. Kafai

Collaborating with stakeholders in STEM Studios
Kate Thompson, Les Dawes, Tanya Doyle, Harry Kanasa, Katherine Nickels, David Nutchey

Collaborative Argumentation during a Making and Tinkering Afterschool Program with Squishy Circuits
Soo Hyeon Kim, Heather Toomey Zimmerman

June 20 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Scaling innovation through community level participatory design

Creating Parentopia: Design-based Research to Develop an Interface for Parent Learning Communities and Networks
Susan Walker

A Self-Organizing Network of Schools that Transform Teacher and Student Learning through Socio-Technical Co-evolution
Nancy Law, Leming Liang, Kenneth Cheng

Creating Socially Relevant Mobile Apps: Infusing Computing into Middle School Curricula in Two School Districts
Lijun Ni, Fred Martin

Student re-design of deprived neighbourhoods in Minecraft: Game-assisted community-driven urban development
Rikke Magnussen, Anna Lindenhoff Elming

Evaluating informal learning spaces

Dual Gaze as a Proxy for Collaboration in Informal Learning
Kshitij Sharma, Ioannis Leftheriotis, Jama Noor, Michail Giannakos

Making Engagement Visible: The Use of Mondrian Transcripts in a Museum
Ben Rydal Shapiro, Rogers Hall

Inclusive Collaborative Learning with Multi-Interface Design: Implications for Diverse and Equitable Makerspace Education
Gabriela Richard, Sagun Giri

Collaborative Scientizing in Pokémon GO Online Communities
Jason Yip, Travis Windleharth, Jin Ha Lee

Methodological issues related to CSCL

Can We Rely on IRR? Testing the assumptions of inter-rater reliability
Brendan Eagan, Bradley Rogers, Ronald Serlin, Andrew Ruis, Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens, David Williamson Shaffer

Videoconferencing in Peer Review: Exploring Differences in Efficiency and Outcomes
Elizabeth Pier, Joshua Raclaw, Cecilia Ford, Anna Kaatz, Molly Carnes, Mitchell Nathan

Participatory Design with Students for Technology Integration: Shifting Power and Facilitating Learning in an Urban School
Ung-Sang Lee, Kimberly Gomez

Developing professional competency in a CSCL environment for teamwork: Two TPACK case studies of teachers as co-designers
Elizabeth Koh, Helen Hong

Transgressing Ideologies of Collaborative Learning and Working Places
Jarek Sierschynski, Scott Spaulding

Designing spaces for collaboration in practice-based learning
Donal Healion, Sam Russell, Mutlu Cukurova, Daniel Spikol

June 20 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Supporting scientific modeling: Considerations for design

Explanation-Giving in a Collaborative Tangible Tabletop Game: Initiation, Positionality, Valence and Action-Orientation
Alyssa Wise, Alissa Antle, Jillian Warren

Learning to Model Ecosystems with Interaction Food Webs in Middle School Classrooms
Michelle Lui, Tom Moher

The Role of Visual Representations within the Scientific Practice of Explanation
Rebecca Quintana, Tom Moher, James Slotta

Individual versus Shared Design Goals in a Graph Construction Activity
Jonathan Vitale, Lauren Applebaum, Marcia Linn

Learning analytics and intelligent support

Exploring a Text-Mining Approach as Rapid Prototyping Tool for Formative Assessments in Inquiry-Based Online Learning
Alejandro Andrade, Chris Georgen, Michael Stucker

Using Multimodal Learning Analytics to Identify Aspects of Collaboration in Project-based Learning
Spikol Daniel, Ruffaldi Emanuele, Cukurova Mutlu

Contrasting Explicit and Implicit Support for Transactive Exchange in Team Oriented Project Based Learning
Xu Wang, Miaomiao Wen, Carolyn Rose

High School Students’ Collaboration and Engagement with Scaffolding and Information as Predictors of Argumentation Skill During Problem-based Learning
Brian Belland, Nam Ju Kim, Mark Weiss, Jacob Piland

Examining the utility of different forms of CSCL support in formal educational settings

Children’s Emergent Leadership and Relational Thinking in Collaborative Learning
Jingjing Sun, Julia Jackson, Mary Burns, Richard C. Anderson

Examining Positive and Negative Interdependence in an Elementary School CSCL Setting
Christian Hartmann, Jennifer Olsen, Charleen Brand, Vincent Aleven, Nikol Rummel

Engaging Everyday Science Knowledge to Help Make Sense of Data
Susan B. Kelly, Luettamae Lawrence, Emma Mercier

Reflective Structuration of Knowledge Building Practices in Grade 5 Science: A Two-Year Design-Based Research
Dan Tao, Jianwei Zhang, Dandan Gao

Appropriating a Climate Science Discourse about Uncertainty in Online Lessons
Kenneth Wright, Amy Pallant, Hee-Sun Lee

Learning about Climate Change through Cooperation
Lauren Applebaum, Kyle Fricke, Jonathan Vitale, Marcia Linn